20 Min Hot Feet Workout to Burn Fat – HASfit Exercises to Burn Fat – Calorie Fat Burning Workouts

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Kiss your stubborn belly fat goodbye with this 20 minute hot fee workout to burn fat. HASfit’s fat burning workout and exercises to burn fat is one of the be…


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akaye188 says:

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I like your workouts very much. Can you suggest a special workout for
reducing back flab’s. n believe me I have enjoyed a lot whatever I have
tried from your vids. Thankyou Coach KOZAK.

kostadin kostadinov says:

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loggy7888 says:

Keep in mind that to burn off the most fat/calories, it all goes hand in
hand with a good diet.

1345torres says:

Do some of these exercises make you faster?

Uros Jelenko says:

dude i tried it today and i manage to finish 3 rounds of 4,…despite i am
playing soccer i saw i am not in good shape :D thanks for doing this video ;) looking forward to get in shape with you

agresha6 says:

I’m no export (nor did you ask me), but I think swimming would be a good
way to get your heart up without having the pressure on your ankle. Good

xtrapower1000 says:

can you do more cardio exercises please and mma workouts? i love them kinds
of workouts.

eyesignful says:

This was great! Love these ideas, so simple yet a great workout

svetlana roxa says:

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Rabi Shrestha says:

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Jez LynxAcat says:

OMG. I did a visual grid. I watched the video and felt bad that you were
doing this and I was not so I JUMPED in and managed well. This is now on my
favorites list. I gave it all I got and when I was done I was a sweaty

XyoAzn says:

Are you people who are advertising kidding me? Hasfit is giving Exercises
for FREE. No one wants these programs that are always lying. Coach Kozak
and the team have been giving away these amazingly great exercises that
help you to get in shape for free. NOBODY wants to see your annoying
advertisements AT ALL. #HasfitRules!

Dennis Johnson says:

how many calories can you burn on this workout?

BEETvEE says:

Man… Thank you for not only posting this exercise but talking us through
the whole thing it really helped me out

gobeng7 says:

If you want to melt fat, you may want to Google search for “PAFF Fat
Furnace”. You are sure to achieve the body you should have.

maria cuellar says:

Thank you ,you were a great motivator,i try to do one of your workouts a
day ,thank you i have 100 pounds to go.Thank you tacking the moment to post
this up.

Alexandria Quillen says:

sheesh i’m dripping in sweat and it was all from 6 squares the heck lolll

Danny Crowther says:

Is there any cardio workouts which don’t contain too much running or
jumping? I injured my ankle a few years ago and anytime I run/jump on it
too much it hurts it and will take a few days to recover

Mehul Gajjar says:

If you desire to burn fat fast, you should look up on google Cosmos Fat
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