Senior Strength Training

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A 45-minute, low-intensity workout designed for senior adults. This full body workout includes stretching, strength training with light weights and Pilates a…


Laurel Ebert says:

I teach a senior fitness class and am always looking for new ideas. While I
think some of this is too advanced for many of my people, there are tons of
ideas, and we can always modify, doing them slower, fewer reps, whatever. I
think you are doing great.

Super Senior Fitness says:

Give this full strength training workout a try!

TheAbStand says:

Muscle definition and strength is so important as you age. Thanks for
sharing this extensive workout with us!
We hope your women viewers will give us a visit for another way to stay fit
and active at home!

MegaMusical10 says:

Awesome~thanks for sharing.

vsjcat says:

Great workout. Thanks!

mombirdsong says:

Are those five pounds weights?

Heide Patnaude says:

Really enjoyed the workout

Bala Gopalan says:

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Lauren Combs says:

Pe2chi, I am sorry you feel that way. While I assure you that we are not
“showing off”, but rather offering an alternative workout for the large
group of senior adults who are both capable of and desiring a more
challenging workout. Our gym also offers other senior classes (one water
fitness and one lower intensity, slower paced fitness class) at other times
for seniors who are unable to keep the pace of this class. Those who come
to this one are quite capable and enjoy the challenge

Cindy Gohsman says:

good stuff thanks!

pe2chi says:

I’m not sure you know what being a senior is like.These rather too fast
paced strength exercises for seniors could very easily injure someone if
he/she gets out of alignment while trying to keep up with such a fast pace.
It is not easy to recover from an injury when one is a senior. I am 76 and
teach strength and flexibility to seniors up to 85. It can easily be done
at a reasonable pace, without showing off and without harm to the very
people you are trying to help.

Debi Kramer says:

Terrific class! I really enjoyed learning from you! Thank’s

Renate Steier says:

Thank you very much – viele Grüße aus Deutschland

joe fish says:

This is a great program that I can use with my Active Older Adult class.
Thank you.

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