17 day diet – Accelerate/ Cycle 1 grocery haul (lost 3lbs 2 days!)

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These are the foods I am having on the accelerate cycle of the 17 day diet. I am happy to have lost 3lbs in 2 days ( I know its water weight)! I chose to see…


Jordan Thomas says:

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Jamaican Doll says:

@heather08k13 Will do! Thanks for watching!

hcgbesties says:

funny, your kids are watching the backyardigans…and so are mine right
now…weird. keep up the weightloss!

ali shan says:

Have you heard about Fat Blast Factor? (Go google it) It is a quick and
easy way for you to lose weight fast.

homemovies1961 says:

Good luck |It all looks very healthy Thanks for showing us Your family
don’t eat much! lol….. no room left in the tridge best wishes Sally

Jamaican Doll says:

@homemovies1961 yeah they have to eat mostly what I eat lol. thanks for

msteacher74 says:

claim your three pounds! all your food looks so good! i love jamaican
patties too!

Jamaican Doll says:

Thanks for watching!:-) and for the info:-) Blessings!

Jamaican Doll says:

@hcgbesties weird lol I will keep trying am so over the weight just wanna
lose it all! Thanks for watching!

SoumenRoyNeel1 says:

Nice video! by the way my sister used this fantastic weight loss program
named: Fat 360 Nuke and reduced 16 pounds within just a month. I cannot
really remember the actual site just Google it.

Heather Anne says:

I love seeing what’s in someone’s fridge! Check out my grocery haul!

Jamaican Doll says:

Hi,Thanks for watching:-) I stop the diet and pretty much gain all the
weight back:-(. Blessings

Christina Webster says:

the yellow fruits you add to your water are lemons :) keep up the great
work just started the diet so far 2 lbs lost!

MissUniversal1000 says:

Hi i was just browsing through videos and I came across your video. How
long did you keep the weight off after diet?

yotin boonrod says:

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