The Story of the Atkins Diet Part 1

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A profile of Dr. Robert Atkins, the diet doctor diet whose theories on nutrition have changed the way Americans think about eating. Atkins’s low-carb approac…


jscaforlife says:

So thankful for Dr. Atkins!! I’ve lost a lot of weight in my lifetime,
after each of my 3 pregnancies in which I gained a lot of weight. I would
eat barely anything and have hardly enough energy to function. I have
ruined my metabolism, trying to diet time and time again. I’m down to those
last few pounds and Atkins has helped me lose weight when all else has been
failing me. I’ve recently lost seven pounds and I feel GREAT!!! TOTALLY


Everyone I have EVER known who have done these stuff your face with dead
animal diets look like hell! Yes you can lose weight but these diets are
for people who want a diet where they don’t have to think or use common
sense. Processed meat and similar foods are not going to make you healthy.
Go back to nature, exercise, and for the love of God use your brains!
Water, raw fruits, veggies, and exercise—don’t limit yourself on any of

ginalovesribena says:

I lowered my carb intake for about a week I think it was and everyone
noticed i’d lost weight. I think I must have lost about 5 pounds, it was
such a suprise, but you have to stick to it otherwise it all comes back!

moewishaw says:

so why is he hating the fruit? Is there such a thing as unhealthy fruit?
Like what?

ripeco says:

@ShadowLink108 Actuually I lost 70 pounds with Atkins, it changed my life. A

personalchefkym says:

What is bad about meat, poultry, fish, seafood, green leafy vegetables,
nuts and berries…yeah, dangerous.

George a says:

@FORCEDANARCHY Your told NOT to eat Processed Meat READ THE BOOK This clip
totally misrepresents the atkins diet.

Andrea Laps says:

check out andieemily326 for more info tables have turn

bertalmighty says:

I love the lady who slams Atkins for not being a legitimate scientist. She
had the title ‘nutritionist’ below her name. Lol…

sexfanatic says:

6:19 He use to be quite the looker

AbsolutelyNameless says:

My Husbands cholesterol level halved on Atkins.

bertalmighty says:

@Phenom7896 Atkins does, in no way, promote an “all you can eat buffet”
style of eating with fats. You should research the effects of the glycemic
index on ketosis.

tiggie1975 says:

Excellent book!

NOMoreBuLLShhh says:

Atkins is great for individuals who are sensitive to carbs. Sticking to Egg
Whites, Chicken Breasts makes it so you don’t consume too much useless fat.
I am a very active weight lifter 5~6 days a week. Consuming around 190
grams of protein per day. Only downside to Atkins from what I was told it
makes your body acidic and makes it so you are more prone to injuries if
you play sports. So on a weekly basis I have 1 cheat day and I just carb
load. Seems to work for me, mess around with it.

zegonzales says:

Its a LIE that Atkins eliminate fruit. many people can eat up to 80 or even
100 grams of carbohydrate on mantainance , thats a lot of room for fruits
and vegetables, specially fruit which is antioxidant and phytochemically

Hivort says:

@muzicluva000 this is not so simple dude, this diet really works anyway

Borce Pejcev says:

Hello! Have you tried cleverous 402 diet (just google it)? Ive heard some
extraordinary things about it and my cooworker lost a ton of weight with

ripeco says:

Thanks Atkins, people just keep in mind this: Galileo was treated as a
crazy an heretic at his time, after 400 years we still consider as one of
the greatest genius mankind has had. That’s what happens to genius.

jtking2504 says:

Whether or not you would stay on this diet long term, one thing is for
sure, this diet will literally force your body into burning up fat, well it
does for me anyway. I don’t have too much trouble maintaining weight once I
reach my goal, but until Atkins it was near impossible to lose it no matter
what I did or how I reduced my calories. I am so thankful for this diet, it
puts me back in control.

mzoljones says:

thanks for caring! Been eating the Atkins way for 2 years, I have lost
103lbs, and I have had my blood workup x3 in the past year…and the
results were excellent each time! I have tons of energy and I feel

thelksis says:

I have every reason to feel thankful for Dr Atkins too! If followed
correctly, this diet is great and makes you feel special since you are in
control of everything, making the right combinations of foods and watching
yourself feed on natural products!

Uncle Theodor says:

@secretk33per no shit!. what i meant is dont eat TOO MUCH!.

menu12345 says:

why Dr.Campell spending his life long studies in efforts to save the nation
from many dieseas by health nutritions whereas Dr, Akins sumed up his ideas
to teach peple to comsume super fat , no carb, no vege to screw us over

gibsoneer321 says:

The bad press on this diet is from the United Bakers Union. They can’t have
peoplep not eating white breads, white pasta,sugar. This diet does work and
it saved my life.

Nefus1988 says:

4:54 omg just shut the fuck up! People who live for years with this diet
and have no problems are at risk at suddenly die becuse of the diet? But if
you follow these phony fat free diets and feel like crap 24/7 It´s
considered normal?

alomgirgroup2012 says:

wow so nice cooking i like it

erickdahen says:

hope aktins get the respect he deserves, down 45 pounds and going, to those
who get the pounds back: this is a nutritional aproach, not a diet, you
have to live by it.

Vegas Rob says:

A true American hero. Cavemen lived mostly on protein. Tigers are
beautiful, and all they eat is meat. Low carb diets have been around for
hundreds of years. Read ” Good Calorie Bad Calorie “

mzoljones says:

the Atkins diet that I follow emphasizes eating plenty of
vegetables…Atkins is LOW carb…I eat everything except for white flour,
sugar, & processed foods…what’s unhealthy about that??

nmclay says:

@grace23fun Retarded people should not be allowed to post their comments.
They waste time and bandwidth.

Cherilyn Monroe says:

This man saved many lives..mine included. I miss him.

Chaaarge says:

to those of you losing so much weight, I just wanted to ask if you lose a
lot of muscle on the atkins diet? I work out a lot and want to lose fat but
not my muscle mass

pistasheo says:

hopefully all y’all people loving atkins have had a full blood workup and
everything’s healthy

T Davis says:

Dr Atkins was Awesome! Iv’e lost weight on his diet, and came to the
realization that SUGAR is the culprit like Atkins said If you read the
book, it doesen’t keep you from carbs and fruit forever, just at first to
put your body in “ketosis” then you can add them in later. Usually when the
whole world is telling you to “do it this way” and someone else who “goes
against the grain” like Atkins and explains in detail how the body works
and how we are addicted to sugar, it makes perfect sense.

Maroh Ohsruha says:

@Rad1ka1 That’s an urban myth. *Facepalm* He died after he slid on some ice
and cracked his head. Let me guess, you heard that from a friend? And that
friend heard it from a friend whose sister’s husband’s half-aunt’s
great-grandmother read it on the internet.

dutchiiX says:

i dont get diets just eat healthy foods

sabby123456789 says:

Despite becoming overweight due to a high carbohydrate diet, I loss ten
pounds of body fat over the summer one time even while eating a relatively
high carbohydrate diet consisting of fruits and whole-grain bread.
Carbohydrates are not the enemy, it’s how much of it that really matters.
And for me, it was mainly self-control when it came to eating that brought
me to a healthy weight.

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