Full Meal Plan to Lose Weight

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This is a sample of a Full Meal Plan to help you Lose Weight and achieve your goals. The foundation of this meal plan has: • 3 ounces of lean protein • 1 com…


Joanna Soh says:

Hi my lovelies, if I have not replied to your comment, it’s because I can’t
seem to reply to it. It says “You are not allowed to reply to this post”.
Not too sure why since youtube/google changed the layout. -.-

taminator27 says:

Love the bfast idea thank you

Lynn Calo says:

Thank you for this, this is the easiest dietary advice I’ve seen on here.

Sonya Cueva says:

There are so many perverts in this world! (Comments below) Men, we need you
to be just that… a man. A GOOD man. This video was a blessing for me. :)

Bruce Strauss says:

I’ll be pissin all day with that much water. I might even wet me bed.

Kirsten Ablonczy says:

Bleh. @sharon fruit

charlatanbaby says:

at 5:55 you said that I could “grind my nuts” but don’t you need a partner
for that?

Sonya Cueva says:

Thx for this!

murat joyce says:

very useful tips

ScrapnAllie says:

Great ideas :) would like to know how u cook ur sweet potatoes?

b5lovermore says:

hey joanna i’ve heard that white rice is better to eat than wheat bread
what do you say?

vey. vey says:

I absolutely love this video!!! Would like to learn other simple meals to
make. Thank you for sharing :D

Ashley M says:

Avocado is actually a fruit. Not a vegetable. 

Adeidra Washington says:

i cant eat that last meal….

Dexter Morgan says:

omg joana will you marry me?? you are just too cute <3 <3 <3 <3

Ren Roz says:

Great video – thanks for all the great ideas!

marsha arias says:

These tips are great, you are very good at breaking all meals down…where
do you shop

Rey Syalini says:


maurill anthony says:

Hi Johanna , i work in a call centre , so i work in the night . i have put
on a lot of weight . what meal plan would u suggest me ..

mohd sahrun hambug says:

thx for the plan. its really help..

Carol Hardin says:

I am hard of hearing and am having trouble hearing your video. What is that
second ingredient you put on the sweet potato after the black pepper?

albeetess1019 says:

Can you share more recipes please? And btw I hate fruit to death…

Dipu Mathai says:

Can we replace strawberry with raspberry ??

Charlie Muwowo says:

I eat too much of this African hard porridge made from corn meal. If you
eat it Joanna it stays in the stomach such that after every meal you feel
nothing but dose off on the sofa or bed. I have developed the urge for this
CARB meal since I was 2 years old. In Southern Africa we eat it at lunch
time and dinner, but while in Africa I walked more than using car so my
weight was not that much, but now I am in Aussie and I drive more often and
this corn high carb hard porridge is now available in IGA stores imported
from south Africa my weight has skyrocketed to 107.5kgs and it is going
up. The porridge is called Nshima, it is nice but tempting to finish all of
it on the plate. Google it or search it on youtube as “Nshima” . Please how
much carbs are in corn meal?

mournblank says:

Too complicated.. Some ingredients are not easy to find in my country. =’(

Lara Kamal says:

I eat much less :/ 

Sweetpeach071 says:

I absolutely love your video! I come from a family background of cancer,
diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, after losing my mother 4
years ago to a stroke I have completely changed my lifestyle and my eating
habits, not only for myself but for my husband and son. I am constantly
looking for channels to give me ideas, thank you! New subscriber

luvleechica says:

So glad I found your channel. I’ve been working hard to change my habits
and change my life. I need some ideas and easy tips to continue

Matthew Murtagh says:

Females require about 108 fluid oz of water a day, males need 120 fluid oz
a day. This will also vary based on weight. This isn’t hard people, eating
clean is easy, people are just lazy and want quick fixes. 

abumoha5 says:

Jo I realy like every episode you did . Thanks 4 that. I hav one request,
can show us 1000 coloures 4 all day meals beacause, I want to lose more
waithe with out exercise thank you

Adeidra Washington says:

I dont like cottage cheese whats a good sub.

Sara Weisse says:

Where do you put the egg yolks? If you throw them away then it’s just a
About the lunch, I think that 400 calories spent on 1 wrap thing is not
good for people like us who is trying to lose weight. We’re constantly
hungry and I don’t think that we could wait until 3, 4 PM to eat again and
be “full” until then with it.
For that I’d suggest to make a mixed vegetables soup.
60g of Corn (about 100 calories),
sliced carrots (120g) about 50 calories,
3 or 4 sticks (each stick has 19 calories) cut them all
cook your rice and get 3 tablespoon of rice. Probably like 60 calories.
Them mix everything with water and drink it all. You will feel full and
there’s a lot of amount left. 

Jolene Penashue says:

That looks so good ! 

grace rivera says:

..hi joanna..i really love your videos thank you for sharing..you have fb
account can i add you?

julia pizzorno says:

Hey! I was wondering if you could do a video about a meal plan to go to
school with snacks included. And if you can make it without meat in it. And
more under 100 calorie guilt-free snacks. Thanks!

Millie M says:

3-4litres isn’t that too much? I thought 2l was enough.

Natasha Burdette says:

it makes me kind of upset watching this with all my food allergies :/ as if
eating healthy wasn’t hard enough

gulabo gulaab says:

lol zzzzzzz but 1500 calories is a lot

ranjita pegu says:

i joanna……i m 14…n i m from india…i m a biggg bigg food lover!!!!i
cant stay..away from them…they attacrt me…like magnet….i m a grt fan
of yourrr…pls adive…i want to loose wieght in 3 monthsss…..now,i
wiegh 84 kilo…..please please help….meh….i really need your
help….please :’(

Carmen Wifurrive says:

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Tye Nam says:

Dear Joanna, how many cups of uncooked rice would yield the portion you
recommended for a meal? Thank you. Btw, my rice cooker is the 10-cup model,
I’m not sure if it’s possible to cook for one

Amina Yusuf says:

Great video, tusk you so much. 

33doglover1 says:

Dear Joanna, do you have any advice for if your family eats really
unhealthy and you want to loose weight. I’m 14 and I love my mom to death
but she doesn’t eat healthy. I make my own breakfast and I buy my own lunch
at school, but I feel like I’m not loosing the weight I want to because I’m
eating really unhealthy food at night. Any advice…anyone?

Ira Thapa says:

Even If i want to lose weight, I won’t be able to because of all the
sweetness present in you !! Man you are the best fitness guide ever. I’ll
fall in love with you despite being a girl. :P

pure passion says:

amazing ..


Does whey protein is good to boost Metabolism?if yes please help me with
some name an details which one should buy.

Nina Fashio says:

ppl who follow this and arent losing weight probably need to cut out some
bread and when you dont eat for more then 4 hour your body produces
cortisol wich turns ur muscle into fat and make yiur stomache fat so eat
for example 1 strawberry or 1 almond in between the meal

Maya Dimcheva says:

Joanna, you are so sweet and all the meals are really easy and tasty. Thank
you! x 

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