How To: Lose Weight Fast With Detox Water Diet

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hi luvs a lot of y’all requested for me to do a video on the pic i posted on instagram regarding detox diet.. I decided to do this detox diet for three days …


bernadette woodson says:

Someone at work was just telling me about this and I swear I could not
remember so thank you

Bri Pie says:

Thank you for sharing this. This was so nice of you. Hope you have a
Happy Valentines Day.

Samaya Capri says:

for ya detox water on the go…i found this product by this 14yr old boy
called the Define Bottle..u shuld check it out it seems like a great

sweetfm2008 says:

Please do a video explaining this detox diet and how many days you did this
for? And how did this make you feel / your experience and the results. 

CreativeDiva12 says:

Thanks for sharing I do this already. I drink a gallon per day and change
up my cleanse. Great info thanks for sharing 

Val Go says:

Now how did it taste

lucy carthensbrown says:

I’m gonna try this

queen taylor says:

How long do you do the detox for??

Lynn Johnson says:

I’m going to try this

PrettyMe Esha says:

` Okay so do you drink the water as is do you let it sit for a couple days
hours what , how do you go about drinking it? 

1branjor says:

Thanks for sharing. Did you use organic fruit & is alkaline water better to
use than bottled spring water?

classymakr says:

Thank you for sharing these tips. I do need to get cleansed and work on
getting rid of this relationship fat. Bol

tanaraedwards173 says:

Do u eat food or just drink water 

angivens86 says:

I find that maybe 3-4 slices of the lime in a bottle of water that size is
enough, for some reason cucumber and limes overtake everything to me….
Just too strong so I’ll do one whole lemon and maybe 3-4 slices of lime or
half of the cucumber. Check out fullyrawkristina, she has a few recipes for
what she calls” vitamin infused water”. Very interesting:)

April Walker says:

Yah!! First to watch… I will have to try this…

Lanise Lovve says:

Girl please tell me you’re gonna eat that fruit too. Why not just put all
that in the blender to make a smoothie then make you some lemon water. That
way you’re not wasting food. OR just do the usual detox…lemon cayenne
pepper…organic maple syrup. 

MzCarmelLion says:

Thank u for Sharing 

amber aneesahh says:

those nails are HUGE! do they not bother you?? but great video im gonna try

Jenalena Sinclair says:

Do you eat the fruits afterwards? Seems like a waste of the strawberries
and apples. Also how long and will this be all you consume in that amount
of days? 

313angie1 says:

ok, two main questions… 1.) How long do you let the vegs/fruit sit before
you drink it? (2.) How long can you keep the water before the vegs/fruit
goes bad?!

Brittany Perkins says:

is there a reson why you didnt add any cucumber or mint to the pitcher of

SexySabe87 says:

Some people are so rude just watch the video.. It’s self explanatory. Great

MeandArianna29 says:

Great video! Definitely will try! 

Bridgett Delafosse says:

Thx for this. I was just looking for a good detox to try.

BooBitchBi says:

Thanks Dyamond. About to do it now.

sunshine90 says:

About how long does it take for yu to finish tht bottle?

Michelle J says:

I enjoyed the video but what does the diet consist of? just drinking the
water mixture alone or with food and for how long? 

bosslady1598 says:

Next time use a fork to hold your friut! 

reresmiles08 says:

I’m gone give it a try.

Catriona Halliday says:

How meny of those jugs do you drink a day and what food if eny are you
eating and how long dose the diet go for? Dose the watter acctualy retain
the vitamins from the fruit?

Kaytc31 says:

Thanks for sharing

cicibradley says:

You should buy this slicer from walmart it is the bomb and it’s sooo easy
to use you won’t notice it’s slicing until you lift it up and the best part
it’s only ten dollars

amber thi says:

Wtf is on your nail….

classymakr says:

Thank you for sharing these tips. I do need to get cleansed and work on
getting rid of this relationship fat. Bol

PrettyMoney BAM says:

very helpful

Hammam Faeq says:

i understand drinking water helps , but why adding all of that to it , is
it just for the taste 

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