How I Lost Weight WITHOUT Exercise or Diet

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This is how I lost 25Kg/ 55Lb in 6 months without dieting or exercising! Hope you will find this video helpful, I’d love to hear your thoughts and see how yo…


anatomyandneurobio says:

you are sooo00oo pretty

Da0Real0G says:

Women just talk about weights … men just put pictures ;) 

Lania Jerman says:

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Emma Megan says:

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joshua paludipan says:

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Crawford Mindy says:

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Hala Nassouh says:

Has anyone on here been on Duromine before? If so, how much weight did you
loose in one month?

maigida alice says:

Pls what’s the name of the pills you used?… I really need that.

Vishal maharzan says:

If you desire to burn fat, you should google Fat Blast Formula. That might
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Marc w says:

I have received alot of PMs about how to lose weight safely and naturally.
The easiest and most sustainable plan I would advocate would be to try
fasting. Incoperate 1-2 days of 24hr fasting into your week(never back to
back and allow 2 days between fasts). There are alot of systems but Id
reccomend the “Eat Stop Eat” method of maintaining your caloric maintenance
throughout the week and then on a day where you are innactive enough say a
sunday, just stop eating. There are loads of health benefits and as long as
you are continually lifting weights throughout the week (atleast 3
days/week) you wont lose muscle mass. So my quick advice ..or “fast”
advice :/ would be to start lifting some weights and take one day off
dieting and fast. 

Yeates Lazzaro says:

how do I choose a healthy weight loss plan? I need advice pleeease

Caroline Dennis says:

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Chris Escalante says:

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Audie Dewey says:

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Sumon Khan says:

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Gina DaUnicorn says:

can anyone get the pills ?

bubbles4evertwice says:

this is unrelated but, for some reason I’ve ate the same amount of food but
when I started exercising I lost weight but my shirt sizes went up. does
anyone know why cuz I’m trying to figure it out.

cutie baliw says:

yeah I like this one baby :)

ne par says:

please someone translate for me what she did or write and i ll translate my
english s not verry good thanks

Brittany Villarreal says:

good god! how’d you keep your boobs so BIG?! Jealousssss.

Kay SParro says:

I am having a lot of trouble. I weigh 189 pounds. Almost 2 months ago I
decided I was going to change that. So I bought an elliptical. I cut out
fast food, soda, and most grains. Nothing has helped. I workout 1 hour or
more every day and eat 1300 calories EXACTLY. Nothing. I bought a
supplement…D4 thermal shock, nothing. I felt it work the first day, but
then I guess I got used to it by day 4. Anybody help me. Message me it
reply..just help. I’ve given up everything to lose weight

gongoloo says:

nice rack

Nabila Houti says:

hey if you wanna lose weight two words; tired hungry

Carla Throme says:

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blutarski says:

Congratulations – Nice work. I have to do this too.

DanL Marsh says:

anyone help me I need to lose weight

Marc w says:

Your stomach never shrinks lol, it just doesnt happen its a myth, but lets
get into it.

Mcdonalds, Chinese Take Out..small portions of Mcdonalds had me
questioning if this video was a joke? But alas.

People.. PLEASE dont listen to this bullshit advice from an extremely lazy
person with zero willpower. If you want to change your body you need to
change your lifestyle.

You dont just go from no willpower gorging yourself to eating 1200-1300
calories a day and maintain it for 2 years, reading between the lines id
say this person is still on some kind of diet pill.

Anyone that relies on a pill instead of lifestyle to lose/maintain bodyfat
deserves the catastrophic long term side effects they produce. Sorry but
this video is sending a very dangerous message, especially to young women.

Get strong, healthy and fit from hard work and it translates to other parts
of your life. Taking the easy way out translates as well. 

Kay SParro says:

I’m having so much trouble :c

ruman ranjit says:

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Janice Norris says:

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Andi Taylor says:

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Joe Marvin says:

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Wilmoth Palomino says:

anything that really works to lose weight?

Lannia Marks says:

I used GHI brand of garcinia cambogia and I lost 25 lbs.

Da0Real0G says:

Women just talk about weights … men just put pictures ;) 

jun alonzo says:

water really helps a lot….nice tip Abby..

Ralph Blunk says:

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Rachel Taylor says:

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Ucj Krish says:

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Ardis Hitchens says:

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