Live Chat: Health, Weight Loss & Dieting Q&A with Corrina Rachel The Health Coach

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Live Chat: Health, Weight Loss & Dieting Q&A with Corrina Rachel The Health Coach.


Morp heus says:

Nitrates are another preservative that is very very bad for you.

Joseph1NJ says:

PT viewers might find these 3 of value:

Sugar: The FACTS!

The Secrets of Sugar – the fifth estate – CBC News

All the 302 names of sugar so far project:

Ciara Wilder says:

Can you give links for this information?

Samantha Le Morin says:

I am trying to lose weight (about 70 lbs); souls I use protein shakes and
weights now-I was told a few years ago that those things make big people
bigger and that I should only focus on cardio right now…

S Ann says:

…oh, missed it again.

bgfilo says:

Corrina I want your pussy

GeorgenotSmith says:

And, as usual, the tech has issues w/ closing out.

robkim55 says:

something wrong with youtube….

Howie Taint says:

Do you suggest that I put raw honey on your butt before I toss your salad?

Merl1n3 says:

Charlie W. You seem like such a nice, thoughtful, together person!

lisasis2c says:

Can you please list the facebook page link and other information about how
to link to the live chat…Thanks!

Merl1n3 says:

I am not quite sure how this works…

lisasis2c says:

Have you ever followed any of the work of Ray Peat? I’ve found that my TSH
is way higher than it should be so his advice seems very interesting. What
do you have to say about that ….

David Sweeney says:

I’m wondering if health and weight loss is something that starts in the
mind? Our thoughts and thinking are so powerful, we might be eating ‘bad’
foods as a soother when we feel stress or resentment, I guess this could be
considered an addiction, that could be why diets don’t work for many
people. Indeed, of the people I’ve met that have been successful dieting
or giving up something (like smoking, alcohol or coffee) all have had a
very strong determination/will and very clear reason to stop, and quite
often the change happens ‘over night’.

RayK Carson says:

any good healthy pizzas out there.

xBloodXGusherx says:

God Bless Corrina..seriously.

wheelmanstan says:

I miss Jen singing along

Arthur Palsenberg says:


Daniel T says:

but the dr doesnt singggg lol corrina will be over here in the chat
section tomorrow

sweetloveelmo says:

Elmo says HuGZzzz.

thevioletworld says:

Thank you for taking time to talk to us! :)

sweetloveelmo says:

thank you for inspiring and motivating me every time, Corinna. ~ Respect.

Rogue says:

+Jenna E not if you get the basal metabolic intake and proper vitamins

GeorgenotSmith says:

1:20:00 + wow, eighty minutes…thanx

ZeaMoore4 says:

Love and learn!

Charlie Wallace says:

Thank you so much, Corrina!! Have a great evening, everyone!

klaudyna511 says:

we want longer chats!!!

Dave K says:

Thanks Corrina, Seeya…

melo15813 says:

Hugh Grant can be touched

Daniel T says:

song timeeee

Ariues says:

those shows are on this channel Lola

Arthur Palsenberg says:

With a Tefal vapor fryer you only use a fraction of the oil

Resultsmayvary7 says:

I have a better idea, smell your own feet Mark Del Rio, problem solved, and
you get feet that you like

Jenna E says:

are there any health concerns about the paleo diet?

Charlie Wallace says:

She’s got several videos showing her feet, Mark. Enjoy!

ZeaMoore4 says:

Good bye!!!

maxmann521 says:

a really bad chemical spill

makaveli2193 says:

the company responsible filed chapter 11

maxmann521 says:

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LolaDoughtnuts4 says:

wherrs can i fine ur cooking channel

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