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shai clov says:

u look like evril lavigen : ) thanks for ur helpful video 

David Olenick says:

You left out the number 4 and most professionals don’t mention it. It’s
head hunger where no matter how much or often you eat, the BRAIN ,still
wants more and will torture extremely obese people unless they are eating
or planning to. This starts in childhood and any mother is going to have a
hard time telling their beloved child not to eat while they are in tears
for more food. In adults it meat that produces ammonia into the body and
cutting off the signal from the stomach to the brain.

Azrin Irzal says:

You have such a great boobs I bet your vagina is soft and tasty…..

Ellielove love says:

Please do a video on water fasting!!!!

darkjedix19 says:

just get to how I can help myself. Im borderline diabetic, have food
cravings and calorie diet problems. this isn’t helpful at all. she talks so
much yet wastes everyones time. idk what her problem is. ugh! she doesn’t
even specify what shes talking about!

Ace's High says:

Thank you =]

Stirring-Spirit-Of-Rebirth says:

How should you season the veggies if you cook them?

Jessie Goss says:

Corrina you are so lovely and your wisdom and knowledge is so pleasing to
listen to as well as very educational. Don’t know why you are not working
for the food and drug administration in full control of it helping our
nation and world live healthy and wise. God bless you Sister, you are

Chakra Varthy says:

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eaqubmon says:

Awesome idea, I actually dropped a few pounds like this. I’ve lost the most
pounds with the Cosmo Clean Diet though. It’s rather excellent. I’ve met
about 4 folks who have shed A LOT of weight with it.

experiment0003 says:

too much calories can make you fat if you take in more than you burn…
however (and I guess it’s the point you’re making), it’s not nearly as
important as Insulin levels, which is the single most important factor in
fat retention.

GabyGlowsticks says:

i’m very thankful for these videos :3 thanks corrina

Chassenot778 says:

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for you to lose weight fast.

carasgoodkarmatv says:

please check out my comedy video on food cravings if you fancy a laugh

Thesuperkorek says:

I’d pound those cakes! She’s hot

Ana Maria says:

is it ok to make kind of a diet with all kinds of smoothies (healthy
ones)…? because i want to loose about 11.17 pounds in about a month…
can you do a video about smoothies and maybe some recipies?

arjun rana says:

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svetlana roxa says:

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jack smith says:

Caloric Deficit/Surplus is the only way to lose weight/gain weight, simple
as that.

Maria Renee ochoa says:

thanks for your answer

sus1990online says:

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chroNick546 says:

seriously… i just wanna choke some of these people who say I don’t eat
meat because it makes me fat.

Michelle Falgout L. says:

Look into going all raw or close to it. You can eat all the fruits and
veggies you want. Do a search and you will find tons of videos. I eat all I
want of fruits and veggies I want and I’m losing a pd a day and I have’nt
added exercise yet.

Donald krauskopf says:

I’m so jealous of that microphone.

shikha shrestha says:

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Hardcastleobj632 says:

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Paul McCoard says:

I have been the same weight for 7 years. My diet has changed from junk
food, to healthy food, organic food, back to junk food, and right now it’s
back to healthy organic food. I’m not near as active as I was 7 years ago,
and have not been very active for a couple of years besides my job (which
is a baker). Is it because I was blessed with a really good metabolism? Or
is it something else? My dad was same way, so is it also because of

trevon sherod says:

i like your teaching but does fruit make you gain weight???

amberview30 says:

I picked up Weight Watchers’ desert packages and flipped them over to see
the ingredients. There were hydrogenated oils (transfat), lots of soy, and
other unsavory ingredients that would restrict weight loss. I thought to

gaurav timsina says:

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dkw12002 says:

Trying to stop hunger is probably not a reasonable goal. It is a survival
tool because we are programmed genetically to eat a lot to survive, even
when food is readily available. What always works is to eat your target no.
of calories, then STOP eating for the day and keep telling yourself it is
OK to be hungry. People whose goal is to never be hungry are trying to
fight Mother Nature who after all does not care if you die at 45 of a
coronary, once you survive long enough to reproduce.

Obannonitq647 says:

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suman bhattarai says:

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