Weight Loss Yoga – Total Body Workout

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Get ready for swimsuit season with this weight loss yoga sequence! Whether you are looking to tone the body or just find what feels good Adriene brings a rea…


Yoga With Adriene says:

NEW EPISODE: Our Weight Loss Yoga series continues with an epic *60 Minute*Sequence! Try this out and let me know what you think.

Gaby A says:

Really loved this video! Gave me a good workout, but also helped me relax
from stressful day. Thanks Adriene!! :)

Tīna Pētersone says:

“be the best version of yourself” – inspiring! a lot!

courtney leigh says:

This was seriously amazing! thank you..

Robin Smith says:

Excellent workout – HIGHLY recommended! THANK YOU Adriene!

Claudia Grimaldi says:

Hi Adriene! I left my yoga class last month because of the wintertime and
was quite worried to start again, but your workout is brilliant! I’m
relaxed and vigorous right now :) thanks a lot!

jessica margotta says:

Thank you so so much I love the videos they help me, I have so much tension
and stress at the end of the day, the just helps relieve everything and
makes me feel so much better internally and externally. I also love to
begin my day with your morning yoga. Thank you again so much for sharing
these videos and love.

Crystal Persaud says:

Just to echo the previous comments…Thank you!!! Your videos are exactly
what I’ve needed to reacquaint myself with my practice. 

Lisa Harris Elien says:

Thank you so much, I love your videos, this is my third one . I love your
energy it is refreshing. Btw this class was no walk in the park and I
practice daily, but I LOVED IT. Peace xx

Mongkol Hongchai says:

Thank you so much. I like your yoga :)

Rani Aardvark says:

This is amazing! Physically awesome – I always feel like an elastic band
afterword! The mindfulness is what I have really taken away from this. It
is so amazing!! I have had problems with being in the moment and these
videos have really helped with that, an hour went by and I was just
enjoying myself. I also really some of the phrases you say, like “open
yourself to new experiences” and to do things with ”grace and smile” I
find them really helpful. Thanks so very much!

PunkyPaws says:

I’m so glad I found this. The way you instruct yoga is so great. Thanks for
the video!

Dee Tally says:

How many calories do you think someone can burn doing this hour workout ?

jennampitman says:

I’ve only been doing yoga for about nine months but I’ve been doing it for
about five days a week since I started. I’m somewhere in an intermediate
level now (of course it varies depending on the day and position) I’m
feeling sick today though and I was using some of your videos when I first
started. I decided I wanted to do an easier (but hour long) class so, given
that I had enjoyed your other videos I decided to try this. It was really
good :) Exactly what I needed today. I did some modificationa in a few
places to make things a little more challenging but for the most part it
kept me sweating as I focused on integrity and calming. Great job and thank
you for making my day a little easier :)

Rachael Oller says:

Adrienne, I can not send enough gratitude your way! You make this so easy
to follow and just your energy while making these videos is so inviting and
supportive! Thank You again I am really enjoying these.

Lylya Taouti says:

Just did this sequence as my morning workout loved it obviously ! i feel
ready for a long day :) Thank you Adriene for making these videos .. Love
from Paris 

Yewon Kim says:

to me the downward dog pose feels like the heart of every voga series..
love to feel myself building up the strength, stability, then
comfort(finding what feels good) upon the stability.
thanks again Adrienne, this was a good way to wrap up a tiring day
Namaste :)

cohesian says:

my right leg shakes really badly when I did one of the moves that required
a lot of work on the inner thighs is that normal? because I do have
weakness in the leg muscles I used to go for physio-theraphy because of it.

Ruchi Pandey says:

Thank you so much for this video You have a unique and quirky approach to
Yoga, which inspires me to attempt it all the way to the end :)

musiclover58745 says:

Hallo, by this yoga , will I also loose fat in my breast? 

Vicente Fernandez says:

Your videos are wonderful, even I´m just a begginer they’ve were very
helpful for me.

J.B. Adamus says:

Hi! I’m going to start using your videos to help me lose weight. I have
about 30lbs to go :( any tips would help greatly! You’re awesome! 

Anais Memain says:

You are amazing! Such a good energy! Thank you and namaste!

Christine Azeeta Nielsen says:

Just came across this and WOW just the at home yoga class I have been
looking for. A great core workout felt like a pilates and yoga fusion. Fab!
Thanks so much :)

Shape My Body says:

Brilliant video! Perfect for people just starting out. Do this and you will
definitely feel the energy flowing! ;)

Nondumiso Faith Phaahla says:

That was amazing Adriene! Thank you so much!

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